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The Best Book I’ve Read Over The Past Year

SOMETIMES IT FEELS LIKE TECHNOLOGY—as awesome and as helpful as it is—crowds out some of the best things in life… Like reading a great book!

We Asked Our Team Members…

  • “What’s the best book you’ve read over the past year?” and “Why did you love it so much?”

And Here Are Their Answers:

Dr. Olga Dolghier:

“ Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders by David Marquet. I believe that many people have the potential and capability of doing much more that they are currently performing, however they often don’t get the chance to act and develop. I believe in developing a bottom-up, Leader-Leader culture produces highly empowered people and highly effective teams. In our practice, we always looked for staff not that much with experience, but with the ability to learn, adapt and achieve. Leading by example and let other to lead is one of our principle that we not only encourage, but enforce in our team members.”

There’s Still Nothing Like A “Real” Book

What About You?

We want to know what the best book is that YOU’VE read over the past year (and why)! Please write your answers in the comment section below…

From all of us here, thanks for being our valued patients and friends.


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