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Helicopter Parenting And Children’s Behavior At The Dental Office

THE TERM “HELICOPTER PARENTING” refers to a style of parenting that is overprotective and controlling.

The Impact Of Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parents take too much responsibility for their child’s life and don’t allow them to experience things, events, and social interactions on their own or without hand-holding. This behavior affect children in any type of situation, and new environments are particularly stressful for them.

Ultimately, this parenting style may interfere with a child’s ability to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, become independent, and learn to make their own decisions. Without these traits, children of helicopter parents struggle to take control of their own health later in life.

At The Dentist’s Office

In terms of pediatric dentistry, helicopter parenting may interfere with a child’s ability to develop coping mechanisms, whether for dealing with stressful or unfamiliar experiences without their parent or just for uncomfortable situations in general.

We at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry specialize in keeping all of our young patients comfortable and safe at all times. As a parent, you can pride yourself on knowing that your child is our top priority when they are in our care.

To schedule an appointment with our experienced Arizona female kids’ dentist today, call our Goodyear or Surprise Arizona dental offices today at 623-535-7873.


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