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Xylitol Is A Natural Sweetener With Decay-Preventive Qualities

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar approved for use in foods since 1963. It can be found in chewing gum, gumdrops and hard candy. It has been used effectively in chewing gum or lozenges in older children to prevent decay in permanent teeth.

Why is Xylitol good for teeth?

Every time you eat, the bacteria present in your mouth digest the sugars of your food to produce acids which eat away at the enamel of your teeth. This “acid attack” causes tooth decay and cavities can to begin to form if prolonged.

Xylitol helps prevent decay-causing bacteria from producing the acids that rot teeth. This is because these bacteria are unable to digest Xylitol and do not produce acids as a by-product. The bacteria also begin to reduce in number and become less sticky so they don’t cling to the surface of teeth where they can do damage.

Xylitol Repairs Damaged Enamel

Xylitol helps to repair the damaged enamel of teeth.Studies have shown that minerals such as calcium and phosphate salts and also fluoride work better to repair the enamel of teeth when Xylitol is present. Even wiping a baby’s new teeth with a daily xylitol wipe can give great protection against decay in the early years.

Studies have shown that children given Xylitol-enriched toothpaste develop fewer cavities than those using fluoride-only toothpaste.

“If a child gets xylitol a couple of times a day, they will get less decay” – Aubrey Sheiham, emeritus professor of dental public health and University College London

The regular use of Xylitol chewing gum by mothers has been shown to help protect their children’s teeth from tooth decay.This is because Xylitol reduces the number of decay-causing bacteria in the mother’s mouth and in turn helps to reduce the transfer of bacteria to their baby’s or children’s mouths. It has been shown that mothers who chewed xylitol gum in pregnancy have children who are 70% less likely to have tooth decay at the age of 5

What should I do?

  • Start early, clean your baby’s mouth and gums. The use of Brush-Baby DentalWipes™ with Xylitol helps to create a healthy environment for new teeth.
  • Avoid cleaning your babies dummy with your own mouth. This helps to prevent the transmission of decay-causing bacteria.
  • Use a baby or children’s toothpaste that includes Xylitol for brushing their teeth.
  • If you have poor dental hygiene ask your dentist about the use of Xylitol chewing gum to improve your own dental hygiene (this will help protect your children teeth too).


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